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The FOODSAFE Level 2 course is designed for food service industry owners, operators, stake holders, kitchen managers, executive chefs, supervisors and senior staff who are responsible for managing food safety in food service establishments.

FOODSAFE Level 2 is suitable for those who have considerable experience working in a food service facility, especially in a management or supervisory position. A good command of spoken and written English is necessary for successful completion of this course. The FOODSAFE Level 2 course uses state-of-the-art learning and delivers content in an organized and methodical, step-by-step instructional process that supports and promotes food handler supervisor-centered approach to safety awareness. FOODSAFE Level 2 provides the tools to create and maintain a culture of food safety to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

FOODSAFE Level 2 is a twelve hour course, conducted over a two day period in an in-class format. All instructional materials are provided during the course.

Pre-requisite: The prerequisite for FOODSAFE Level 2 course is successful completion of Foodsafe Level 1 that has been taken within the past five years. Applicants must provide a copy of their FoodSafe Level 1 Certificate.

 FOODSAFE Level 2 Course Outline

Module 1: Food Safety Basics reviews the essential food safety basics from FOODSAFE Level 1 and reinforces the foundation of safe food handling practice.

Module 2: Managing for Food Safety identifies the safety steps and best practices that form a food service establishment's standard operating procedures in a culture of food safety.

  • Section 1: Creating a Culture of Food Safety
  • Section 2: Foodborne Illness
  • Section 3: Employee Hygiene and Illness
  • Section 4: Receiving, Storage and Transportation
  • Section 5: Premises
  • Section 6: Equipment
  • Section 7: Pest Control and Sanitation

Module 3: Writing a Food Safety Plan introduces food safety plans and how to write them.

  • Section 1: Introduction to Food Safety Plans
  • Section 2: Food Safety Plan Tutorial
  • Section 3: Writing Your Own Food Safety Plan

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